Food Security

Across the US, food insecurity is a pervasive issue, but Santa Cruz in particular faces significant hunger challenges because it is one of only three counties in California in which poverty has not declined in recent years. We conducted surveys of local food pantry visitors to (1) understand the extent of and factors contributing to food insecurity for members of the University and (2) identify and compare the challenges of various demographic groups both within the UCSC community as well as in the larger Santa Cruz community.

Recent work

Ongoing - The Blum Center continues it's second year of oversight for the UC Global Food Initiative on the UCSC campus. The Food and Security Working Group meets once a month to discuss progress and provide feedback to its invested members.  Blum Center graduate students, Hamutahl Cohen, Kate Ennis, and Erin Toolis have collected and analyzed specific data needed to move forward with the GFI's mandate.  Read more about the Global Food Initiative at UCSC, and UCOP's commitment.

October 2016 - Publlic viewing of the Food Security Lecture (view video) on World Food Day by former World Food Program Executive Director, Catherine Bertini.  Catherine Bertini was awarded the World Food Prize for her work as Executive Director of the World Food Program.