Academic Initiatives

Blum Certificate Program.  We are delighted that former Director Nancy Chen’s Innovative Learning and Technology Initiative (ILTI) proposal was awarded. This will allow the development of an online foundational course for our Blum undergraduate certificate program. The course, which builds on our Center’s partnership with the Right Livelihood Foundation, connects research by UC faculty with case studies from Right Livelihood Laureates. Students will be immersed in cross cultural contexts, learning about individuals who surpass the challenges of daily life in dire situations and the extraordinary ways in which communities sustain themselves and others. Through the course, students will develop a deeper understanding of poverty, struggle, and activism in places around the world that could not easily be visited in person due to geographic distance, time, and expense as well as because of the dangerous situations in which some of our collaborators work. Ultimately, this class will increase the accessibility of carefully curated and pedagogically grounded justice-oriented learning resources. The course will be offered in Fall 2017. 

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