UCSC Faculty and Student grants

UCSC award recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year's competition.   The next round of funding will happen at the end of Winter quarter 2017 for projects taking place in Summer 2017.
Summer 2016 Blum Scholar awards

Graduate Student Projects

Katherine Ennis & Hamutahl Cohen, Environmental Studies
Evaluating and contextualizing the factors contributing to food-insecurity for UCSC and Santa Cruz County

Rebecca Feinberg, Anthropology
Between the Vines: Refugee resettlement and foreign labor in Italian wine production

Monika Egerer, Environmental Studies
No Place to Grow: A documentary and transmediaproject on urban agroecology, food sovereignty, and a community fight for land security

Yi-Chen Liu, Sociology
Read Our Stories, Understand Your Society: The Exhibit Project of Showing Immigrant Workers in Taiwan

Daniel Rudin, Film and Digital Media
Labor rights are human rights: Improving workplaces through documentary and “labor beat” reporting

Darrell Ruppell, DANM

Rachel Voss, Environmental Studies
Cultivating community innovation: participatory farmer trials to boost yields through improved soil and water management in Senegal

Stephanie Webb, Environmental Studies
Tilapia value chains for the poor: testing sustainable practices to meet ‘bottom of the pyramid’ demand in Egypt

Undergraduate Student Projects

Diana Diaz-Noriega, Oakes College
Richmond Youth Organizing

Michael Needle, Everett Program
Youth Empowerment Institute

Charlotte O'Brien, College 8
Rosedale Freedom Project Internship

Selina Sanchez-Cristobal, Merrill College
No More Deaths: Abuse Documentation

Alma E. Villa, College Nine
Housing Insecurity: A Challenge for the Mexican and Central American Communities in Los Angeles, CA