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Summer 2018 Blum Scholar awards

Undergraduate Students

Fabiana De Lima - Addressing Low College Attrition for Latinx First-Generation Students from Downtown College Preparatory 

Lyubov Kaplanskaya - Self-Care Habits and Public Health Concerns of the Skid Row Population 

Gina Krawiec - Disabled & Enabled: Voices of Disabled Students Today

Daisy Lucia Orellana - Breaking Down Barriers for The Confidential Caller: Data-informed Outreach Strategy for Abortion Hotline

Hermes Padilla - A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Analysis of On and Off Campus Housing Experiences of Students at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Alejandra Zeiger - The Entanglements of Poverty: Quality of Life and Mental Health in the Ecuadorian Amazon


Graduate Students 

James Alejandro Artiga-Purcell - Mobilizing a Mining Ban: A Political Ecology of El Salvador’s Anti-Mining Movement 

Roxy Davis - Jail / Care: Amplifying Santa Cruz Community Voices on Health & Incarceration

Jacob Moe - Radio Saracura 

Christine Rosales - Exploring the Hidden Worlds of Resistance Enacted by Latina Women

Randy Villegas - Voices from the Valley of Vulnerability: The Effects of Mixed Status Family Households on Young People’s Civic Engagement

Roxanna Villalobos - Grassroots Feminism in the Farmlands: Exploring Women's Rural Activism and Leadership in California's Central Valley


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