UCSC Faculty and Student grants

Undergraduate Blum Scholar Ines Galmiche and her team

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year's competition.  Congratulations and good luck to each of these students! 

Projects will be conducted and completed this summer and final project presentations held on campus in the fall and winter quarters of 2018-19.

The next round of funding will happen at the end of Winter quarter 2018 for projects taking place in Summer 2019.  We are planning to hold a grant writing workshop for Blum Scholar applicants in Winter 2019.


Summer 2018 Blum Scholar awards

Undergraduate Students

Fabiana De Lima - Addressing Low College Attrition for Latinx First-Generation Students from Downtown College Preparatory 

Lyubov Kaplanskaya - Self-Care Habits and Public Health Concerns of the Skid Row Population 

Gina Krawiec - Disabled & Enabled: Voices of Disabled Students Today

Daisy Lucia Orellana - Breaking Down Barriers for The Confidential Caller: Data-informed Outreach Strategy for Abortion Hotline

Hermes Padilla - A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Analysis of On and Off Campus Housing Experiences of Students at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Alejandra Zeiger - The Entanglements of Poverty: Quality of Life and Mental Health in the Ecuadorian Amazon


Graduate Students 

James Alejandro Artiga-Purcell - Mobilizing a Mining Ban: A Political Ecology of El Salvador’s Anti-Mining Movement 

Roxy Davis - Jail / Care: Amplifying Santa Cruz Community Voices on Health & Incarceration

Jacob Moe - Radio Saracura 

Christine Rosales - Exploring the Hidden Worlds of Resistance Enacted by Latina Women

Randy Villegas - Voices from the Valley of Vulnerability: The Effects of Mixed Status Family Households on Young People’s Civic Engagement

Roxanna Villalobos - Grassroots Feminism in the Farmlands: Exploring Women's Rural Activism and Leadership in California's Central Valley


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