• Heather E. Bullock

    Heather E. Bullock, Psychology

    Heather Bullock is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Blum Center.  Her research and teaching focus on social psychological dimensions of poverty and economic (in)justice, particularly discrimination against low-income women and the beliefs that predict support for welfare and anti-poverty policies. Read more »

  • 2016-17 Advisory Board Members

  • Eva Bertram

    Eva Bertram, Politics

    Eva Bertram is Associate Professor of Politics. Her research and teaching examines the political sources and consequences of the shift in U.S. social policy toward poor families, from the need-based welfare system of the New Deal era to the contemporary system of work-conditioned income assistance. Read more »

  • Nancy Chen

    Nancy Chen

    Nancy Chen is Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology, and former director of the Blum Center UCSC. Her research and teaching focus on medicine, food, public health, bioinsecurity, and vulnerability. She examines rice as a key food source in much of the world and genetically engineered foods. Read more »

  • Steve McKay

    Steve McKay, Sociology

    Steve McKay is Associate Professor of Sociology, and director of the UCSC Center for Labor Studies.  His research and teaching focus on mechanisms of inequality in an increasingly globalized economy, especially through segmentation in global labor markets and ethnic stratification among migrants from developing countries such as the Philippines. Read more »

  • Flora Lu

    Flora Lu, Environmental Studies

    Flora Lu is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Provost Colleges 9 and 10.  Her research and teaching focus on integration into the market economy among indigenous peoples in lowland South America, investigating how Native Amazonians interface with development efforts and what implications for indigenous health, well- being, social organization and resource use. Read more »

  • Jon Robinson

    Jon Robinson, Economics

    Jonathan Robinson is Associate Professor of Economics. His research and teaching focus on the effect of providing basic financial access to people in developing countries, on the role that risk (particularly health risk) has on the decisions people make, and on examining barriers to technology adoption, and investigating the effect of providing basic bank accounts to unbanked households in a multi-country field experiment. Read more »

  • Kent Eaton

    Kent Eaton, Politics

    Kent Eaton is Professor of Politics. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of decentralization, examining how transfers of governing authority, fiscal resources and expenditure responsibilities from national to subnational governments can enhance or impede solutions to poverty and inequality. Read more »